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Ghost Story from the Land of the Head Hunters

The Curse

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This story was told by a friend in Kuching. The true incident happened at his kampung across the river from pending, which is nearby to the current toll bridge.

One day, back in the late 70’s, one of the kampung people who was working at the old JKR building in Pending (located at the current PUSPAKOM), was returning home from work. Back then there was no bridge connecting to the village and the only way to cross river was by “perahu tambang”.

As he reached the small jetty at his kampung, he saw another fellow villager, who is also his colleague at JKR, sitting under a tree nearby, motionless. Thinking that the friend probably fainted, he placed his friend’s head on his lap. He kept talking to his friend but there was still no response.

Upon further checking, he found that his friend was not breathing and there was no pulse. The friend was dead. Most probably by heart attack..

But suddenly, the eyes opened, starring directly at him. He panicked at first, but he then said “Stop this! Please respect the dead”. He knew what was going on. The friend had turned into a Hantu Bangkit !

You see, the friend that passed away has a family history of turning into hantu bangkit. As the other elderly kampung villagers said, he was cursed. It was said that long time ago, their descendant have one time chopped down a big kedondong tree (Kedondong - ambarella, otaheite apple, or great hog plum) that was blocking sunlight to their kampong. There were spirits living in the old tree and this made it unhappy. The man and his future generations were cursed into becoming hantu bangkit when they died.

The dead villager was buried immediately. The whole kampung villagers knew about the incident. After the funeral, everyone stayed home after dark, safely locking themselves in, as they knew the hantu bangkit will roam the kampung at night. True enough, upon checking the next morning, the kampung was filled footsteps with dirt from the very cemetery the dead villager was buried in. This goes on for 7 days.

My friend was in primary school when it happened and every elders at the kampung can still recall the incident.

So be careful when you chop down any old tree, you never know what might be living in it….

Early Morning Funeral

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This happen at Machan, Kanowit district. Also not far from Sibu. It was a funeral, early morning.

The Iban groups of elders & some golongan belia carried the coffin. Things was going well that morning... But before they left, they heard a howling/screaming. Its was a loud one. Immediately the elders knew what it was… Banshee*/Kokrel (as the local calls it).

Banshee, when it scream, is different. If its loud, thats mean she's far. But if the scream sounds weak..she's nearby. Banshee ussually targets man..for the testicles.They were scared like hell, cos usually the scream means death. The scream was getting soft & weak, so they knew she's getting near.

One of the elder, well, refuse to die without fighting. He took off his pants, unsheathed his parang & yelled, "Kitu dik..aku ngamput dik!". meaning "come here you...i'll f**k you!"The screams stopped.After that less 5 minutes of scary moments, they make haste back to their village. Its happened somewhere in the 90's.

Contributed by J.Howard

* Banshee is a female spirit, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the otherworld. Although not always seen, when her mourning call is heard, usually at night, someone is about to die.

Hotel Ghost Prevention Tips

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Every single hotel, there shall be at least a permanent room which should be left vacant at all times. No matter how full the hotel is, they are not to sell that room(s) to any guest. It was said that special room was "reserved" for those "special visitors".

So, if you plan to stay in some hotel, always book in advance. Try to avoid walk in. If the receptionist told you there's no more room available, do not insist one anymore or try to bribe them to give you a room. If you do that, most of the time the room you have will be that "special room".

Sometimes those "special visitors" might go to other rooms also, so here's some tips on how to protect yourself:

Before entering your room, always knock on the door first, even if you know the room is vacant.

After you enter the room, if you felt very cold suddenly and have "goosebumps", leave the room quietly immediately and go to reception to request to change room. Most of the time the receptionist will understand what's happening.

After you enter the room, immediately switch on all of the lights, and open the curtain to let the sunlight in.

Before you go to bed, arrange your shoes so that one of them is upside down. Some say this is representing yin& yang to protect you while you're asleep.

Always leave at least a lamp on while you're sleeping, preferably the toilet's lamp. If you're staying alone and they have give you a twin bed, do not sleep with the other bed vacant, try to put your things like luggage on the other bed before you sleep.

Hantu Tinggi

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Hantu tinggi or in English means the Tall Ghosts. It is a legendary ghost that is said to be as tall as the tree-tops, and whose legs are indistinguishable from tree trunks.

Usually the ghost is not so tall when one encounters it. It is said that it would not start growing unless a person looks up at it. It will slowly morph into an extremely tall being and soon after, a person can barely look up to measure its height.

A word of caution when, if by any chances encounter this ghost…never look up when it has beginning to increase its height. Because once people look up, their neck will be stuck and could never be move down again!!

Hunting Trip At Durin

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I'm not gonna make this a lengthy one. its happened to my dad when he & his friend went for a hunting trip at Durin (near Sibu). i think that time he went for 2 nights, during weekends. the party consist of 5. my dad a teacher, 2 was school cook, 1 school janitor & a fren from nearby village.

They went using a car that time. the hunt was good & got few musang/fox? & wild boar. the encounter was during the 1st night. they camped by a river. after they done with the hunt, its time for a rest & they took turn for night watch out. during the 2nd shift, my dad relieved the cook & joined the janitor. before the cook went for sleep, he went to ease him self...

My dad follow suits. the cook done & went back to the camp. my dad continue. that is when he sense someone or something beside him. he turned & saw..hantu tinggi/tall ghost. My dad height merely reach the knee. but he didnt freak out as he aware this things gonna happen. instead of runaway, he unsheathed his parang & yelled at the hantu. All hantu, if you not scared, it definitely went away & dont bother you anymore.

The hunt went well for the rest hunting trip.

Contributed by J.Howard

Haunted Rural Baram School

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Here's another ghost story relating to school. It happened in the 70s as well. Like I told you before, students at that time were different than student nowadays. The reason I wrote this story is because this morning, I read in newspaper about two Indonesian rapist roaming around Kuala Lumpur. Robbed a group of youngster at a bus stop and abducted the 17 years old girl from the group. Brought her to a secluded area and raped her. This afternoon as I watched the news, Canny Ong’s murderer cum rapist finally gonna face mandatory execution sentence. There’s so many rape case and violent against women nowadays. But then again, what happened these days also happened before in the pass.

I’ll be straight forward. It was a rape case. Rape and murdered. Deep in the rural area of Baram, there was a school. The school was going through some renovation. And there’s new building coming up, new wall, and things like that. With a project like that, you know there would be a lot of contract workers. It was close to a one week holidays, with the foreman and a few workers gone to Miri to get the raw material, they left one worker to look after the stuff back there at school. Most of the students went back to their village. There’s just one Penan girl left. Since her village was far and had no money to hitch a ride, she would just stayed back at school. So it’s just left the two of them.

You know how it is like, two people in a jungle with no people around. Soon they grew to know each other. Eat together, have an evening walk together, talk and laugh together. All seems well until one day, the guy made a pass on her. But she refused. Guys will be guys I guess. Sex was in his mind. When a girl was closed and friendly to you, it got to be sex right. But what the girl had in mind was just a companion. There’s the different between man and woman.

The worker initiated sex, the girl refused. Everything just went wrong till he raped her. The guy was violent in getting what he wanted. He violently pinned her on the floor and pressed his palm against her mouth causing her to suffocate while the other hand devouring and tearing her clothes. Things got even worst when he grabbed the hair at her forehead and banged her head hard on the floor repeatedly. That totally stopped her from struggling and wiggling. That’s how he raped her and banged her in block C. He only realized it after raping her and seen her lifeless body lying beside him that he realized she was dead.

There ain’t no breath anymore when he put his finger below her nostril and there’s no heartbeat when he put his head against her breast. He panicked. Then make plans to dispose the body.All I know was the body was hacked into several pieces. Let me asked you this. Imagine you have a corpse lying in front of you. How are you going to dismember it into pieces. Let me give you a crash course in what you should do. I guess the first few things u need would be the tools, says like an axe, a saw, or better a chainsaw. I guess that’s what he had. Next thing is which part are you going to dismember first? I guess the most easy one would be the elbow first, where the joint of ligament met . First he chopped off the elbow with an axe. Then chopped the arms into two, and then you go for the wrist. After that you chopped off the shoulder part where another joint of ligament met. After doing the right you’ll e doing the left side as well. Next part would be the knee where the ligaments meet right. Procedure’s the same, first chopped off the knee, then hacked the shin into two, and then the chopped off the ankle. That’s pretty much take care the limbs of the body. Now you have the thighs, thighs are big, I guess the only way was to chainsaw them to dismembered them from the body.

Poor girl’s head was chopped off with an axe. The rest of the body’s anatomies were slice into pieces by using a chainsaw. He dismembered the upper body diagonally from the lower part. Being careful enough not to burst the lower part cause that’s where the stomach was. You’ll make a mess if you burst the stomach and all the intestines coming out. It’ll be a mess. Get the job done on the upper body first, cut diagonally then vertically into square pieces , then dismembered the lower part carefully. He operate the lower part and scooped out all the stomach and intestines neatly and carefully with his bare hand. That’s how he dismembered the body of the girl.

All the body parts were thrown into the cement grinder and were grind together with cement. The flesh and the cement were finely mixed in the machine. During that time a new wall was coming up at the hostel in block C. So the guy used the material he made to finish the job. He walled it up with the mixture of cement he made. He finished the wall overnight. Nobody knew about it, as there was no body. When school opened, everything was as usual, kids coming back to school and all the project of renovation was finish, everything was new. As for the girl, nobody really look into it because the school authority thought she might elope and gave up on school.

Strange thing occurred, when one night, the children heard knocking sound from the wall. It’s like someone was knocking from the other side of the wall. Things became more serious a few weeks later when the knocking sound became louder and louder. Only this time, it wasn’t knocking anymore. It’s more like someone was crashing the wall from the other side, knocking and hitting the wall trying to break through from the other side. And in some other night, the pupils heard scratching sound from the wall as it like someone was trying to scratch her way out of the wall. Things really got scary when some of the night the pupils would hear knocking, scratching, thumping and yelling and shrieking sound from the wall. As it like someone was trap inside it and struggling to break free from the wall. Sometimes it shriek loudly. And in some other night, it was a sad crying sound within the wall. Like someone crying been locked in a room and couldn’t come out.

After the strange commotion, Block C was shut down. From that day on, the block was empty and no one was allowed to go there. Not that anyone would dare to go there anymore. Block C was deserted and as times goes by; it became tall tales for folks and pupils at the school.During the end of the 70s, block C was demolished. New building was coming up. As times goes by, new batch of students replace the former generation and so was the teachers and headmaster and the managing staff. What might become now is just another tall tales. Just like any other school. Each school has their own dark tales to tell. Only if you dig deep enough, you’ll find it.

Contributed by Ghost

Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival

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The Ghost Festival is a traditional Chinese festival and holiday, which is celebrated by Chinese in many countries. In the Chinese calendar (a lunisolar calendar), the Ghost Festival is on the 15th night of the seventh lunar month.

In Chinese tradition, the fifteenth day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar is called Ghost Day and the seventh month in general is regarded as the Ghost Month (鬼月), in which ghosts and spirits, including those of the deceased ancestors, come out from the lower realm. During the Qingming Festival the living descendants pay homage to their ancestors and on Ghost Day, the deceased visit the living.

On the fifteenth day the three realms of Heaven, Hell and the realm of the living are open and both Taoists and Buddhists would perform rituals to transmute and absolve the sufferings of the deceased. Intrinsic to the Ghost Month is ancestor worship, where traditionally the filial piety of descendants extends to their ancestors even after their deaths.

Activities during the month would include preparing ritualistic food offerings, burning incense, and burning joss paper, a papier-mache form of material items such as clothes, gold and other fine goods for the visiting spirits of the ancestors. Elaborate meals would be served with empty seats for each of the deceased in the family treating the deceased as if they are still living.

Ancestor worship is what distinguishes Qingming Festival from Ghost Festival because the latter includes paying respects to all deceased, including the same and younger generations, while the former only includes older generations. Other festivities may include, buying and releasing miniature paper boats and lanterns on water, which signifies giving directions to the lost ghosts and spirits of the ancestors and other deities.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_Festival

Ghost Prevention Tips For Your Home

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There are many reasons why a ghost (the soul of an individual who has died) would be drawn to a particular person, home or area and not all of them are negative reasons. Ghosts often gravitate toward energies and types of environments that are familiar to them. Because ghosts are most often mired in some type of despair, they are consistently drawn to environments where typically there is some type of stagnant energy present. You don t have to live in a dilapidated, haunted house to attract a ghost into your home, some of the nicest homes in the world will attract a ghost.

There are several things you can do to lift and protect the energy of your home and office which will lessen the chances of having ghostly visitors.

1. Smudge Your Home Every Week
Smudging is the process of burning sage and other herbs to purify the energy of a room, a building or even an individual. To properly smudge, open a window in the room you are clearing. Light the end of the smudge stick and begin to walk around the room, moving the smudge stick in the areas of the room that feel thick, negative or uncomfortable for you. As you smudge you want to hold the intention of clearing away all negative energies. You also want to say your intention out loud; perhaps something along these lines, Clearing away all negative and stagnant energies. Surrounding us in the love, protection and prosperity of God. Smudging is an absolute necessity after conflicts and heated discussions, and after guests visits and parties or gatherings.

2. Burn Candles with an Intention
After you smudge you want to burn a few candles, and infuse each candle with an intention. For example, you might say as you light a candle, I intend for my house to be filled with love and kindness. Burn black candles to dispel negativity and burn white candles to infuse purity and protection. This will raise the energy of any room.

3. Clean Out the Clutter
Everyone has a little bit of clutter in their busy homes, but too much clutter (particularly the kind that never goes away) creates a chaotic, stagnant vibration that can affect your ability to think clearly. Ghosts love chaos and stagnation because it reflects how they feel. They feel right at home around it. Schedule a couple of days every so often to organize your home and office. And never, ever store boxes of stuff under your bed. It will ruin your sleep and can potentially give you bad dreams. Put chunks of rose quartz under your bed instead. It will surround you with love and sweet dreams.

4. Keep it Clean
Clean your home and office (dusting, vacuuming, etc.) at least once a week. Dirt and grime, aside from being unhealthy, also creates a sad vibration of chaos and confusion in your home.

5. Visit Every Room Every Week
If you live in a small home this probably isn t a problem. But if you live in a larger home, you may have noticed how the rooms that aren t used regularly can take on a stagnant and uncomfortable feeling. These empty rooms are another favorite haunt for ghosts. Try placing a living plant in these rooms so you ll have a reason for visiting these areas every few days or so.

6. Open the Windows
As often as the weather permits, open up a window and let the fresh air flow! Fresh air helps to take away negative energies and helps to raise everyone s state of mind. If you re sensitive to pollen and pollution, open the windows only when the pollen counts are low or nonexistent. Also consider investing in an air purifier and an ozone machine for better air quality whenever you need it.

7. Get Rid of Furniture You Don't Like
If you detest the dining room table you inherited from great aunt Betty, donate it to Goodwill or sell it on eBay. Being around furniture and things you don t like in your home creates an energy pattern of resentment another favorite energy pattern for ghosts.

8. Keep Gemstone Crystals in Your Home
Genuine Gemstone Crystals such as quartz, amethyst, celestite, labradorite, agate, tourmaline and many others go a long way to lifting and protecting the energy around them. Quartz literally purifies the energy of any room. And amethyst helps to transmute negative energies to positive ones. The best place to find great rocks at great prices is at any local rock show. Search the web to find out when one is coming near you.

9. Wear Gemstone Crystals
Wearing authentic gemstone crystals is a very effective way to lift your own energy, which will in turn help lift the energy of your home. Wearing quartz crystal can help purify your energy as well as the energy of the environment around you. Onyx gives calming strength and Chalcedony quiets chaotic emotions. Any gemstone jewelry is a wonderful touchstone throughout your day and is particularly supportive to you in a contentious situation.

10. Keep Salt Lamps in Your Home
Salt lamps are most often made from the salts found in Himalaya. Just like the salt water of the ocean, the protective nature of a salt lamp purifies the energy of any room. They also help to mitigate EMFs from televisions, computers and cell phones and they ve been known to help migraine and allergy sufferers.

source: http://articles.directorym.co.uk/Home_Protection-a1029722.html

Forbidden Love Story

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This story happen long time ago. But I still remember it vividly as it just like yesterday. It happened in a school and it stayed in the school, and that it end in the school. It was 1970s. A school in rural area. By that time, student are quite big and mature, not like student nowadays. We got 20 years old or older student in the school during that time.And so the story started as a love story. A forbidden love story to be more precise. A school girl falling in love with her teacher, and a teacher who accepted her love, of course for his own agenda. The relationship was kept a secret and so it seemed. They would met up every twice a week. For this was the time most the students went back to their village for their weekend. Only a few stayed back perhaps. And it was during this time that they would spent times together, intimately.

As times goes by, the curse of love had finally gotten her soul, just as most woman do. Women had always love foolishly, thinking every good love should be repay by pure love. I guess that’s a curse every women bear throughout every generation. Man will always be boys.

The girls was hoping a future from him, a family, a life. But on one summer, he told her he would be back from west Malaysia after the holiday and brought her back to a land where the sun sets at the horizon of the golden padi field. But he was never back. The girl waited with hope, but soon what hope its seemed, become anxiety, and anxiety become disappointment which at last gave birth to sadness and emptiness. A promised of hope became a betrayal of life.

She was so depressed that she hung herself at the tree behind the toilet. By the time they found her, she was dead for three days. I still remember how her body dangling under the tree, swinging back and forth. How the wind blew her long hair unveiling her eyes which bulge out, with tongue coming out of her mouth. I guess when u hanged yourself, your tongue became a few inch longer than you normally do when you stick them out of your lips. How her hair dancing with the summer wind exposing her blackened face and purple tongue. Have u ever saw someone who died hanging herself. I doubt any of you does. The face was horrible yet you can see sadness in it. That’s the worst part I guess. How weird it is when you can see her loneliness and emptiness through her eyes even though they bulge out. As it liked looking at someone who wanted to die but later regret it but then again had no courage to continue to live. Her body was removed and a post mortem showed that she was pregnant for three months.

Ever since that day, during some of the night when the moon shone most brightly, the children often heard someone crying bitterly. It wasn’t the sound of a woman crying, but the sound of a baby. Sometimes it cried for a brief moment and vanished, on some other night the crying was there for a long time. It’s like hearing a baby who cried looking for its mother, sometimes like a baby cried suffering from illness which had no peace. Each time the cried would came from the tree behind the toilet and traveled a far around the school. The cried was of course disturbing, and there’s no peace among the student who slept on the dorm.

It was the mother who made the decision to end her life. Not the baby. When the mother died, the baby had to died also. It wasn’t a peaceful death for the baby nor it’s a fair game for the baby. The baby’s spirit lingered on, searching for its mother. It cried because of loneliness without a mother, it cried searching for his mother but in the same time it cried of anger and sadness for the mother had killed him, it cried because of pain for his spirit has no peace.

A decision was made among the villagers, the tree was to be cut down. A wood cutter was summoned to cut the tree and so the tree was cut. The crying stop. But ever since that day, the wood cutter became a hermit. What had gotten into him, nobody dared said so, some said he’s been curse by the haunted tree, some said he suffered mental illness.

As times goes by, what it seems to be a sad story became a legend, and legend became a myth………………..

Contributed by: Ghost


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