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How to Summon Ghosts

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* For your info only. Highly not recommended.

Ghosts have a bad reputation as entities to be avoided at all costs, but in some cases, they can be a source of insight and wisdom. Those who choose to summon ghosts may benefit from this insight, provided they handle the process in the correct fashion.

Prepare to Communicate With the Spirit World

Purchase a thermometer. Some report that paranormal activity is marked by a sudden drop in temperature, and a thermometer will serve to immediately alert you to such a shift.

Choose a spirit with whom you wish to communicate. As is the case with living, it's easiest to reach out to the dead if you're able to address them by name.

Obtain a video camera. As you summon ghosts, you may doubt some of the things you've seen and experienced after they occur. Use of a video camera can provide proof of what transpired for your benefit and the benefit of others.

Summon and Communicate With Ghosts

Begin with a blessing. Ask your higher power to guide and protect you in your efforts.

Clear your mind. Relax, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. This well help get your senses attuned and ready for your paranormal adventure.

Start recording the events using a video camera.

Summon the spirit you wish to reach. Address it by name, and request its presence. Continue this process until you observe a response.

Understand that one form of response involves a temperature change, so keep a thermometer nearby to keep track of this. The spirit's response may also take the form of tapping. Finally, the spirit may make its presence known by sending you an ache related to the way in which it died (for example, if communicating with someone who died via hanging, you may experience an ache in the neck).

Make sure you've reached the spirit you intended to reach by having it identify itself. Say its name and ask it to tap once or twice to confirm its presence.

Ask the spirit the questions you want answered, using the tapping sequence established in the previous step to identify "yes" and "no" responses.

End the experience with courtesy. Thank the spirit for its time and tell it to go in peace.

Source: http://www.ehow.com

An Encounter While On The Job

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I had a first hand experience. It happened days before a guy jumped from Wisma Pelita Tunku Miri...it was 7 or 8 June year 2008. We were installing equipment at M Floor. It was a kitchen before so many furniture is still there and it was very dirty and messy. We stayed up in the dark until 9pm try to do configurations. The lights we have are “pendaflour” lights not so bright lah.

One colleague is trying to show off he is brave enough and try to be funny. He keeps talking nonsense and singing and also playing with walkie talkie. So he simply asks "Jenny, kalu ko ada di sini sila kasi bunyi sekali". He asked "anyone" there to response by talking at the walkie talkie. Then we all heard the response over the walkie talkie. It sounded one short message. Just the sound of walkie talkie when you try to response back. My colleague takut and terus switch off the walkie talkie. Padan muka him. We all have to continue our tasks till 9pm and ignored whatever.

If not mistaken one policeman was murdered at the Pub on top of Wisma Pelita almost 20 years ago. He was about to arrest wanted gangster when suddenly the pub light goes out. He was stabbed and died on the spot. The gangster escaped.

One time in Church Materdei, the same stupid colleague is trying to show off again. This happen last year. We were at a small room at the back of the church, bilik gubahan bunga. There was a bouquet for burial ceremony. This guy cakap "kalu ko ada disini, sila jatuhkan satu bunga (one petal actually)". It happened!! Only one petal fell down, no wind what so ever. This guy freaked out and goes out of the room and smoke. I just continue my tasks with peace.

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Hotel's Elevator At Bintulu

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I got one horrifying experience when I was young, about primary 6....

I moved to Miri from Kuching. My dad stopped at Bintulu for rest as he was tired from driving the whole day.... It was around 11pm, we checked into Plaza hotel. My dad rented 2 suits. The room was very spacious and very luxurious. I can still remember that it has 1 toilet and 1 bath room... And it has a door that can go to room next door, where my parent rooms are. It was very late, and after taking a bath, I wanted to have a drink but there is no water in the fridge...So I asked RM2 for buying mineral water to drink. Our rooms is at the 5th floor, so i took the elevator down...

Inside the elevator, I heard someone crying, sniffing....but I am the only one in the lift. I can feel the person is just right beside me and crying. It sounds like a child crying in the lift....I hold on till I reach the ground floor and ran out immediately....
After I brought the mineral water from the near by Li Bing CafĂ©, I was scared to use the lift again....I don’t want to see it in the elevator. But at that time, I have no hand phone yet....and I cant call for help. I tried to use the stair ways but the light was blinking and the place was in a very dim yellowed light.

I was too afraid to use the stair ways, so I braved myself to use the lift to go back to my room.... In the lift, I feel the chill over my body, and touches on my legs....plus the sniffing sound again. Going up to the 5th floor seems like forever. I got no choice but to hang on till I reach the room...I was crying when I reached the room.

It was the most terrifying experience I ever had...I didn’t see it, but the feeling is very real....It still gives me the creep when I think about it...I will never go back to that hotel again... I heard there were a number of children that drowned in the swimming pool there. Perhaps they are still looking for their mothers....

How to See a Ghost

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Here is an article i found on the net. Its a guide on how to see ghost. I don't recommend you try though. May get you into something you cant get out of.

Seeing a ghost isn't as difficult as you think. Ghost hunting can be dangerous, but seeing a ghost in your own home or other haunted place should be a harmless experience. Pursue a ghost with good intent and you will have a positive experience.

Learn how to meditate and practice it daily for at least a couple weeks. This will sensitize you to spiritual energy.

Decide what ghost you want to see. If you suspect your house may be haunted, you already have an available ghost. But if you need a ghost to see you can call on one.

Meditate and surround yourself with white light for protection. Direct the question to your higher source that you would like to see a friendly spirit. You most likely will not see one right away, but this question creates a focal point of intention in your mind.

Go about your daily business and continue to meditate for at least ten minutes daily, keeping the same question as a focal point in your mind. Concentrate your energy on the center of your head, or pineal gland, to sensitize it. The pineal gland governs your psychic sense.

Relax at times throughout your day and allow yourself to gaze into the distance, whether inside or outside. Ghosts or spirits cannot be looked at directly but can be seen in the periphery of your vision.

Be patient while waiting for results. Continue to focus on your focal question during your meditation and concentrate your energy in the center of your head. Ghosts or spirits in their energetic form look very similar to the waves you see coming off the roof of a hot car or like a mirage.

Notice the energy waves of the spirit. They are usually easier to see when out of doors. While at rest they float about eight feet above the ground and while moving they assume the traditional ghost shape and float about two feet above the ground. You may feel a chill as they pass by.

Tips & Warnings
When asking your higher source to see a spirit, never use the word "ghost" because you might attract a negative entity.

I bet there are many ways to see the paranormal as practised by the local. Anyone care to share some tips??

Incident At Chinese Cemetery In Krokop

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This happened at Krokop graveyard in Miri. LasIn 2007, there was news whereby a group of policeman can’t find their way out of the krokop graveyard. It happen like this, about midnight time the police patrol car was driving along the graveyard road then suddenly it was a dead end, which is blocked by a lot of Chinese graves.. When they decided to reverse the car then they realize behind them was also Chinese graves and there is no way out. So they called up a patrol car to come over to help them out. The other car arrives but can’t get to them. So hopelessly they went back to the car and pray till everything was back to normal.

There is another story about the same graveyard. My mum's fren who live in krokop experienced it. Last time during the 60's or 70's the nearer road from town to Krokop was by using the graveyard road. There’s is one night where that fren and his father were riding on a motorcycle back from a movie at the old cinema near the fish market. As they live in krokop, they used the graveyard road. On the way home; she saw a pair of legs walking among the grave without the upper body and disappeared to the river. The next day she got sick.

Contributed by cheesecake

Haunted Old Wooden House In Krokop

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Does anyone still remember bout the wooden house opposite the Sing Siang Hai furniture shop in Krokop? It is said that the place was haunted. And I had some stories to share with you people..

So the story goes like this, in the younger days. My mum's dad (my grandpa) does not believe in these type of thing. So in order to prove that there is no ghost, he and another friend went to spend the night at the empty haunted house.

There is nothing weird happen through the entire night till my grandpa found that he and his friend was sleeping outside the house the next day with their belongings outside the house, which it is very weird as they were actually sleeping in the room of the house that night. If he was sleepwalking, it was impossible that the friend will also be a sleepwalker at the same time. Since that day my grandpa believe that the rumours bout the house was true as they always said people who stayed in that house will be carried out by the ghost.

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How to Use an Infrared Camera to See a Ghost

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For the thrill seekers, here is another another interesting article for you...

Ghost hunting can be a lot of fun and you may even catch something paranormal if you have the right equipment. One valuable piece of equipment is an infrared camera. Here's how to attempt to see a ghost with an infrared camera.

Buy or borrow a good quality infrared camera. Consider renting if you'll only be using it once. Choose one that records, so you can replay anything you may miss or want to see again.

Get to know how an infrared camera works. It allows you to see things you can and cannot see on your own. An infrared camera can detect ghosts by the electromagnetic field they are believed to emanate and can also distinguish between warm objects such as a human, and a ghost which lacks a heat signature. Practice viewing various objects and people to get a feel for how things appear.

Visit a location where at least one ghost has been "sighted." This increases your chances of capturing a ghost with your camera. Take along black and white infrared film when using a non-video camera and remember plenty of batteries as ghosts are known to drain them quickly.

Scan the area you're investigating slowly with the infrared camera. Look with your naked eye at any objects you're unsure of. Pay attention to your feelings as well as what you can see so you know when you must be more alert to what is on the camera. Take pictures one at a time, if not using a infrared camera with a video recorder, so as not to blur the images.

Keep an eye out for any human-shaped objects or anything freestanding. Depending on the camera you're using, these can appear in a variety of colors, but often white and always different from its surroundings when paranormal. Potential paranormal images include full-body apparitions, seat imprints or hand imprints.

Eliminate any other potential things your camera has captured. Dust, bugs, shadows or small animals are all commonly seen through an infrared camera and appear as orbs so rule those out. When you have a human-shaped image you cannot explain away and it's not a reflection of you or someone with you, congratulations, you may have captured a picture of a ghost.

Tips & Warnings

  • A infrared camera that records video is best as it eliminates sudden movements, which can be misinterpreted and it allows you to replay anything you see out of the corner of your eye.
  • Reflections, cigarette smoke, breath, shadows, insects and dust are all commonly mistaken for a ghost so be vigilant in your analysis of your infrared images.
  • Do not use a flash when taking pictures as this can cause many reflections.

    Source: http://www.ehow.com

A Terrifying Experience At Beach Resort

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This is an encounter of a friend back in the mid 90’s. It was an overnight trip to a well known hotel by the beach by a group of frens in Kuching. They stayed at the Hilltop chalet during the peak season. As the good rooms were fully occupied, they were given a room that is quite remote.

My friend was in his teens and he and his group of friends were a young rebellious group of students, having fun partying, with drugs, underage drinking and smoking. They were having fun in their chalet with loud music going on.

It was late into the night and everybody was drunk and tired. My fren was drunk and high from the ecstasy pills he took earlier, and was sitting on the floor in the room. Suddenly, he felt someone beside him. He turned to see who it is, and he saw a young boy squatting beside him starring at him.

In a blink of an eye, the boy vanished in thin air. Not suspecting anything and Still feeling high and drunk, he called out to his friend, “eh, who brought their young brother here?”

No one responded.

Another of his fren, still having the effect of the ecstasy, was standing in front of a loud blasting speaker, shaking his head to the music. There my friend saw a lady in red standing next to the him, starring at him. The lady too vanished is a split second.

Still, being in a drunken and high state, he did not suspect anything. Thinking his mind is playing tricks on him.

Looking around the hotel living room, he notices that the room was getting crowded.

One of the friends was sitting at the dining table, resting his head on the table. He saw many blur figure of people, some standing while some seated beside the fren, all staring at him. Rubbing his eyes and taking a closer look, everyone disappeared, left only his fren still resting on the dining table.

He then looked at the main door of the hotel room. He saw few images of people, curiously looking into their room. He panicked when he saw a blurry figure of policeman in old uniform with short pants looking at them, (as there were drugs and alcohol in the room).

He called out to his fren, but when he turned back, there was no one at the door, only darkness.

Realizing that something was amiss, he then gone straight to bed. Pulling up the blanket to his head. He was immediately joined by all his fren, all cuddling up in the bed and spoke nothing until checking out the next morning.

When asked, all the frens saw mysterious figure in the room that night, with one seeing a lady at the balcony, waving slowly at him to come over.

Ghostly Presence In House

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I use to live in Piasau before I move to a new house in 2001. Previously my parents rent out the house to people. After moving back from Labuan, we decided to renovate the whole house and move in. At first all of us do not feel anything but there is one spot which will make u feel spooky. It was outside the guest toilet door. Every time when u passes that area, u will have a very spooky feeling as if someone was standing there too, just that u can’t see it.

Beside the toilet there is a room, my aunt who used to visit us sometimes sees a lady in white sitting at the end of the bed when she pass by the room to the toilet. There is once during the 7th lunar month when I was in the room I heard two ladies talking in an unknown language, I was puzzled so I ask my dad to come to the room to check it out. But when he is in the room the conversation stop, as soon as he leaves the room it started again. So I just pretend nothing happen because I’m quite used to this type of situation because we ever lived in a haunted house in Labuan.

Another experience happens to my Dad in my Piasau house. One night while he was watching TV, he saw a lady wearing a shirt and a skirt walking from the hallway to the kitchen. He thought it was me so he went to the kitchen to check out whether it was me or not. when he walk to the kitchen he saw that my room light was on so he knock on my door and found me inside sitting in front of the computer which shows that the person whom my dad just saw definitely not me. My dad did not share this experience until my aunt say she saw the same thing when she was at my house. And she describes the type of clothes the lady was wearing which similar to the one my dad saw.

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My Old House At Tang Lim Garden

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I had some creepy experience when I was growing up in my old house at Tang Lim Garden.

I was told that my old house was a hot spot and at times me and my mom can sense something passing through. They were like "shadow people" moving fast at the corner of your eyes and some are mischievous that disturbs you at night like crawling up the grills outside noisily and then half way will fall loudly and then would climb again repeatedly or would "timpak" you when you are sleeping.

Many events and nasty stuff happened there. We were taught on how to protect ourselves and how to "pagar rumah". Funny thing is at the moment of the event u r not scared. Seems like it just wanted to show it presence and not to scare.

Now nobody lives in that house and when I passed by it nowadays I can sense evil in the house and not the cool spirits that were there. I won’t recommend anyone to visit there now. Those “Lemah semangat” people may get hysteria. How many times you cleanse it, its still there. Like I said, it’s a hotspot or maybe it’s their portal for the 4th dimension...Allah Hu Alam.

Contributed by Adrian

Do Not Spit Near Graveyard

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Here is one of my friend’s experience....

My friend went for a date with his girlfriend, at Balcony, Miri....After the date, he send her home to her place at Riam. There is a large Chinese cemetery at Riam. When they reached there, he spit out of the car window....and continue to drive.

Suddenly a black cloth like thing flew out of nowhere and covered his windshield, causing him to engage the emergency break. He almost drove into the longkang.....

He was totally freak out. Luckily he was unharmed, only almost accident....he told us then he got back on road and drove at 40Km/h home....After that he doesn’t dare to spit near to a graveyard again....as this may make the spirits angry....

Contributed by Athrun

Haunted House At Pin Fook Garden Miri

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Women hang herself because her husband cheat on her here is the story...

I've ever been to a house at Pin Fook Garden where supposedly a woman hung herself at the 2nd floor. Now I noticed the house is repainted and look all good. When I went to the house it was deserted and grass was high. No one stayed there after that incident.

We and my friends was out one night boozing around Miri city in 2 cars and were bored. One of them started a crazy idea. Visit haunted houses. First I thought it was a joke as I don't play with this kind of things. My friends was laughing and daring each other.

First place we went was at Tanjong Lobang on the hill at the abandon quarters. We didn't go deeper and check out any house as we have no torch lights. Not takut of ghost but takut anyone of us sesat.

So they suggested to go to Pin Fook and told us the story of a house haunted by a sad women ghost. This was new to me so I wanted to see too for myself. When we reached the house, it welcomes us with an eerie feeling. Then my friends was taunting me and my other friends saying we didn't dare to go in and he was bragging its nothing and he had went inside many times.

It was not that i was afraid or backing down....where I wish I had done. It was a feeling of unwelcome and uneasy. The woman was Chinese and so the ritual and traditions is different than Malay culture. Basic still applies.

In the end my friend and I decided to go in to have a look so this other bragger will shut up. Me and him walked up to the garage and decided on what to do and what not to do and when to bail out. He agreed.

We go in through the side window into the living room. Posed for few seconds and I pointed to the staircase and we walked together. On my mind was only checking this place out and chanting some protection spells. on the floors was broken wood and glasses. The place was terrible and it had a sad feeling to it. Not on how it looks. Don’t know how to explain....sayu la.

As we were on the 1st, this friend of mine suddenly do one of the don’ts. He yelled out and asks the spirit to show itself. Not just once but many times. I told him to stop but he didn't listen. Nothing happen when we checked out the rooms on the 1st floor. So we went up to the top floor and reached the balcony door to open it. it was stuck as the place was not taken care of but we both managed to open it. We went outside and wave to my other friends downstairs at the driveway. We went back in and close back the door shut. Now the place where we stand in the center room was where my friend told me the women hung herself. I tried to get out of that room as quickly as possible as i feel like being watched. We went to the back and found a small door like opening to an attic. My friend then called out again and this time something happened.

The door of the balcony that was hard to open and close had suddenly opened and bang the wall to it side and followed by a gust of strong wind that blew through the balcony door all the way to the back room. That was the sign to bail out. I grab my friend by the shoulder and run out of that back room and headed for the staircase. We jumped most of the stairs and even jumped out the window into the garage. Once on the garage I stopped and grab my friend. We didn't run straight to the cars. I went over to the window and apologize to the spirit and promise to leave the place. I told my friend not to run and do what I do. I pick up some leaves and threw it over my shoulders. Walk slowly from the house and not to look back at the house.

We got back to the cars and my bragger friend was smiling and asking us what happen. I didn’t answer and told them that we need to make a move. As we were at a safe distant then only I story what had happen. Days later I found out that friend of my got sick with fever which lasted for a week. That teaches him not to challenge spirits. Luckily he only got fever.

Contributed by Adrian

My Haunted House Experience

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A true experience. Back in my previous house in Tanjung most of our family members has their own experience. As the house was big, my family and one of my uncle and aunt including my grandma lived in that house. Most of us have our own experience. I experience it once when I was alone in the room (downstairs) and I heard people knocking on the glass window and I thought it must be one of my uncle playing pranks on me because my uncle used to stop by the house to visit my grandma at night.

Surprisingly when I open the window there was no one and my uncle did not came that night. We used to hear a lot of noises around the house. Sometimes late in the afternoon, you can hear as if people walking upstairs or you can even hear people jumping off a table onto the floor upstairs. However during late in the afternoon there is no one upstairs as my cousin they all were still in school and the parents are working.

Another things which frequently occur is the noises of people walking using those sandals made of wood which old people like to use ( I don’t really know what is it called). The walking noises always occur late at night at the backyard of the house or behind the wet kitchen area outside the house. Most of our family member already got used to that noise so we did not really bother about it. There was once when my uncle was in the living room he heard sound of spoon stirring as if people were making a cup of coffee. As my family has a habit of drinking coffee late at night, he thought it must be my aunt at the kitchen, thinking he might need a cup of coffee, he went to the kitchen and found no ones there.

Apart from that, last time in the house we used to have a very old typewriter which was put in the living room upstairs and those who sleep late at night can sometimes hear the typewriter typing noises. This typewriter was used by my late grandfather secretary. As it was quite creepy, my uncle decides to put it in the store room. At 2004 after my grandma had passed away and all of us has our own houses, we decided to sell out the house. Before handling over the house to the buyer my uncle from overseas came back and decided to help us to clear the house. As he was clearing the house, he remembered the story of the typewriter so he wanted to bring the typewriter back to his house, so we try to find the typewriter and it was nowhere to be found. Till now, none of us knew where it is...

Contributed by cheesecake

How to Know If Your Home Is Haunted by a Ghost

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An article from the net. Is your house showing any of these signs?

Do you hear or see unexplained things in your home? If you answered yes, you may have a ghost in your house. There are certain behaviors most ghosts have in common. To find out if your house is haunted by ghosts, check out these steps.

  1. One of the most common things ghosts do is turning lights on and off. You may see a light go off or on; however, most people report turning a light on or off, leaving the room, and returning later to find the light went from off to on or on to off.
  2. Unexplained noises are another common feature in haunted houses. Knocks, footsteps, dropped things, and banging are all signs that you have a ghost.
  3. Items being moved or disappearing and then reappearing are signs you may have a ghost. Ghosts especially like to get attention by taking common everyday items like keys, magazines, eyeglasses, and socks. Usually ghosts will only take one sock. This can explain why so many people lose only one sock from a pair.
  4. Do you feel like you're being watched? If so, you could be. It may happen at the same time each day. Many ghosts like to keep schedules when they're haunting.
  5. Do you feel like you're being touched? It may feel like a poke, a push, or a nudge. Many ghosts like to reach out and touch people.
  6. Does your pet act strange sometimes? If your pet runs for cover, refuses to enter a room, or stares into space for no reason, you may have a ghost.
  7. Does your house have cold and warm spots that vary with the average temperature of your house? If so, you may have a ghost.
  8. If you have a ghost, on occasion you may hear cries and whispers. Many times people hear their own names.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't be afraid of your ghost. They are usually harmless.
  • If you experience physical assault and see apparitions, call a paranormal investigator in your area.

Source: http://www.ehow.com

Early Morning Trip To Bintulu

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Here is a story from a friend..

Two years ago....we just got our driving license, and my friend decided to go to Bintulu for a 1 day trip. I didn't go with them because I had to attend to something at home. When they start driving at 5am in the morning, they were suppose to reach Batu Niah at about 6.30...and by 6.30 the sun supposed to be up.

They told me their experience, that they drove a Honda civic EG at 100km per hour (because there was no car)...and until 6.30am....the sun hasn’t gone up. They never reach Batu Niah town....they notice something isn’t right. Luckily he got a CD of chanting Buddhist song and they started to play the CD...and continue to drive. Not long later, the sky begins to light up and they reach Batu Niah not long later....they decided to go back to Miri.and didn’t go to Bintulu....It was a very creepy experience. Never begins your journey too early in the morning and when there is no one is around...

Contributed by Athrun


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