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Here's another ghost story relating to school. It happened in the 70s as well. Like I told you before, students at that time were different than student nowadays. The reason I wrote this story is because this morning, I read in newspaper about two Indonesian rapist roaming around Kuala Lumpur. Robbed a group of youngster at a bus stop and abducted the 17 years old girl from the group. Brought her to a secluded area and raped her. This afternoon as I watched the news, Canny Ong’s murderer cum rapist finally gonna face mandatory execution sentence. There’s so many rape case and violent against women nowadays. But then again, what happened these days also happened before in the pass.

I’ll be straight forward. It was a rape case. Rape and murdered. Deep in the rural area of Baram, there was a school. The school was going through some renovation. And there’s new building coming up, new wall, and things like that. With a project like that, you know there would be a lot of contract workers. It was close to a one week holidays, with the foreman and a few workers gone to Miri to get the raw material, they left one worker to look after the stuff back there at school. Most of the students went back to their village. There’s just one Penan girl left. Since her village was far and had no money to hitch a ride, she would just stayed back at school. So it’s just left the two of them.

You know how it is like, two people in a jungle with no people around. Soon they grew to know each other. Eat together, have an evening walk together, talk and laugh together. All seems well until one day, the guy made a pass on her. But she refused. Guys will be guys I guess. Sex was in his mind. When a girl was closed and friendly to you, it got to be sex right. But what the girl had in mind was just a companion. There’s the different between man and woman.

The worker initiated sex, the girl refused. Everything just went wrong till he raped her. The guy was violent in getting what he wanted. He violently pinned her on the floor and pressed his palm against her mouth causing her to suffocate while the other hand devouring and tearing her clothes. Things got even worst when he grabbed the hair at her forehead and banged her head hard on the floor repeatedly. That totally stopped her from struggling and wiggling. That’s how he raped her and banged her in block C. He only realized it after raping her and seen her lifeless body lying beside him that he realized she was dead.

There ain’t no breath anymore when he put his finger below her nostril and there’s no heartbeat when he put his head against her breast. He panicked. Then make plans to dispose the body.All I know was the body was hacked into several pieces. Let me asked you this. Imagine you have a corpse lying in front of you. How are you going to dismember it into pieces. Let me give you a crash course in what you should do. I guess the first few things u need would be the tools, says like an axe, a saw, or better a chainsaw. I guess that’s what he had. Next thing is which part are you going to dismember first? I guess the most easy one would be the elbow first, where the joint of ligament met . First he chopped off the elbow with an axe. Then chopped the arms into two, and then you go for the wrist. After that you chopped off the shoulder part where another joint of ligament met. After doing the right you’ll e doing the left side as well. Next part would be the knee where the ligaments meet right. Procedure’s the same, first chopped off the knee, then hacked the shin into two, and then the chopped off the ankle. That’s pretty much take care the limbs of the body. Now you have the thighs, thighs are big, I guess the only way was to chainsaw them to dismembered them from the body.

Poor girl’s head was chopped off with an axe. The rest of the body’s anatomies were slice into pieces by using a chainsaw. He dismembered the upper body diagonally from the lower part. Being careful enough not to burst the lower part cause that’s where the stomach was. You’ll make a mess if you burst the stomach and all the intestines coming out. It’ll be a mess. Get the job done on the upper body first, cut diagonally then vertically into square pieces , then dismembered the lower part carefully. He operate the lower part and scooped out all the stomach and intestines neatly and carefully with his bare hand. That’s how he dismembered the body of the girl.

All the body parts were thrown into the cement grinder and were grind together with cement. The flesh and the cement were finely mixed in the machine. During that time a new wall was coming up at the hostel in block C. So the guy used the material he made to finish the job. He walled it up with the mixture of cement he made. He finished the wall overnight. Nobody knew about it, as there was no body. When school opened, everything was as usual, kids coming back to school and all the project of renovation was finish, everything was new. As for the girl, nobody really look into it because the school authority thought she might elope and gave up on school.

Strange thing occurred, when one night, the children heard knocking sound from the wall. It’s like someone was knocking from the other side of the wall. Things became more serious a few weeks later when the knocking sound became louder and louder. Only this time, it wasn’t knocking anymore. It’s more like someone was crashing the wall from the other side, knocking and hitting the wall trying to break through from the other side. And in some other night, the pupils heard scratching sound from the wall as it like someone was trying to scratch her way out of the wall. Things really got scary when some of the night the pupils would hear knocking, scratching, thumping and yelling and shrieking sound from the wall. As it like someone was trap inside it and struggling to break free from the wall. Sometimes it shriek loudly. And in some other night, it was a sad crying sound within the wall. Like someone crying been locked in a room and couldn’t come out.

After the strange commotion, Block C was shut down. From that day on, the block was empty and no one was allowed to go there. Not that anyone would dare to go there anymore. Block C was deserted and as times goes by; it became tall tales for folks and pupils at the school.During the end of the 70s, block C was demolished. New building was coming up. As times goes by, new batch of students replace the former generation and so was the teachers and headmaster and the managing staff. What might become now is just another tall tales. Just like any other school. Each school has their own dark tales to tell. Only if you dig deep enough, you’ll find it.

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Anonymous said... @ January 8, 2010 at 10:53 PM

if they nvr found the BODY!!! HOW WOULD YOU KNOW AH?? unless u knw the rapist izzit? Finish the story la! Dun leave hanging like this!

Anonymous said... @ October 11, 2011 at 10:58 AM

lol, story teller know how to chopped.

Graceful said... @ August 17, 2012 at 12:31 AM

Sound like u the one who killed her..

mumy jintung said... @ January 31, 2013 at 2:06 PM

sound like u know the rapist

Anonymous said... @ April 18, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Rapist didn't know how to do CPR what an idiot he is.

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