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Hysteria At SMK Serian (PT 1)

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Here is the news on the hysteria case that happened in 2008 in Serian from The Borneo Post.

SERIAN: It was a quiet and calm day at SMK Serian yesterday, as many students opted to steer clear of their school for fear of becoming victims of hysterical attacks after 12 students reportedly broke into screaming and shaking fits believed to have been induced by a paranormal presence on Thursday.

Nothing out of the ordinary occurred, to the surprise of locals, who had endured the bizarre activities of the unusual phenomenon for the past three weeks. The presence afflicted an average of two students per day until Thursday when the situation peaked drastically with a significant increase in the number of attacks.

It was believed that the attacks began after a group of students came back from picnic trip in Gunung Gading, Lundu. The trip was an excursion organised by the school. Locals report that the haunting at the school could have been attributed to acts unwittingly committed by the students during the picnic. One of the youths apparently picked flowers from the area and brought it home while another reportedly took a bath in a pond where he also did his ‘dirty business’.

According to a local folklore, Gunung Gading is inhabited by sacred spirits, 99 ‘dayang’ or maiden spirits. The disruptive presence of the students was suspected by many to have angered and offended the ‘guardians’ of the area.

The school’s principal, Ramli Zainuddin confirmed that they were no hysteria attacks yesterday, when met by The Borneo Post. However, the students had the option to not attend classes until further notice. On the majority, students who were attending the morning sessions chose not to return to the school, influenced by the frightening stories their previously-possessed peers relayed to them about the phenomenon. Some afternoon session students, in the meanwhile, were seen wandering about school premises.

Mohd Saupie Balitang, a security guard who has been serving the school for nearly 10 years, said that the incident on Thursday was not the first of its kind. Saupie recalled that back in 2006, when the school decided to cut down a big tree just behind the surau, two twin sisters displayed the same behaviour as the previously afflicted students. The felled tree, according to Saupie, might have been home to supernatural ‘beings’ who became enraged.

When asked if he encountered anything ‘strange’ while he was on night duty, the 38-year old security guard replied ‘no’. “But every time I do checks on Block B, I do smell some kind of scent similar to ‘bau gaharu’ or fragrant smoke (incense) which, according to older folk, is a sign that a supernatural being is nearby. “At times I felt that my hairs stand on end for no apparent reason and it gives me the creeps,” Saupie said.

Saupie added that Block B is not the only haunted building in the school. He claimed that the old building where the school’s principal used to live also exhibited similar characteristics. He said that his friends once used the toilet there and when he was done doing his ‘business’, he found that the door was stuck – as though someone was restraining it from opening. “When he did get it open after a while, he checked and saw that there was no one around,” said Saupie, who later added that he saw a religious leader cleaning up the house while he was on duty yesterday.

Meanwhile, a Form 5student, Mohd Hafiz Majaddin, 17, who happens to be the school’s head prefect, claims that a close friend of his who came down with a case of hysteria on Thursday told him how the ‘being’ looked like before screaming like a mad man.

“My female friend was hanging out with some other friends at an area near some palm trees, on the school premises.“A male friend was pulling her hair out of teasing her but he was puzzled when she did not respond in the least. “Usually girls react if someone pulled her hair but my friend (victim) instead just stared blankly in front of her at one of the palm trees.

“She then started to close her ears with her hands and began crying and screaming which freaked my other friends out. “When she was stable – which was hours later after what happened – I asked her what she saw. Things started to creep me out when she told me that she suddenly saw a beautiful woman wearing a scarf, who started to walk towards her. She appeared from out of nowhere.

“But as she drew closer, her beautiful face turned uglier into something so frightening which freaked my friend out,” said Hafiz, who said he would not joke about anything like that. When The Borneo Post tried to contact the victim, she begged not to be interviewed as she was still in trauma and did not wish to recall what she had experienced on Thursday.

Hafiz then said that he heard from another student who claimed that in a related incident another female student had become possessed, acting strangely throughout her morning class. When a teacher asked her name, she coldly replied: “Yanti”. A Form Four student, identified as Mohd Afizi, surmised that the victims who were ‘struck’ on Thursday might be the work of one of the spirits from Gunung Gading. “My cousin was one of the victims. She is currently at home being treated by a traditional practitioner at my kampong,” Afizi said, adding that she had yet to fully recover from the trauma.

Another student claimed that he noticed something very strange during the incident. He claimed that the victim would stare at the school’s football field before coming down with a case of hysteria. It was unclear when the school will resume classes but its administration is doing everything it can to resolve the matter.

*Serian is a town, and the capital of the Serian District (2,039.9 square kilometers) in Samarahan Division, Sarawak, east Malaysia. It is located about 40 miles (65 km) from Kuching.


Anonymous said... @ April 14, 2009 at 5:41 PM

anyone can share more info / experience on this hysteria? seem to happen quite often in our country. Heard that recently a school in Kelantan experiences this also....

seal said... @ April 14, 2009 at 5:55 PM

Interesting...it really happen often in our country school especially rural area school...nice^^thanks for sharing~

Anonymous said... @ May 25, 2009 at 9:01 PM

a long long time ago, if i remember correctly serian was troubled by a pontianak and it even came out in the news?,cant really recall cause i was young that time.

in the 90s, anyone remember?

janovic_sibang said... @ October 3, 2010 at 9:10 AM

saya cadangkan pihak sekolah memberikan taklimat keselamatan yang tegas kpd pelajar sebelum ke destinasi tersbut terutama sekali pelajar wanita kerana golongan tersbut mudah "dijangkiti"..saya tahu kerana saya seorang askar wataniah yang tak terkecuali dalam kes histeria..

Anonymous said... @ July 4, 2012 at 3:02 PM

Hi, I am Mr. Tai. I am currently working in a production company on a television series called "Supernatural investigation". Based on your TRUE story I have read, I am very interested to investigate more on this case happen in Smk Serian. Could you share with me more about this case? Thanks. My email is taijerome@hotmail.com.

Anonymous said... @ August 12, 2013 at 4:44 PM

Seriously... Its my school now... I know about all story about My School.. and im always excited.. xDD
Welcome and Find me at 4S2 2013

zul krista said... @ August 28, 2013 at 4:39 PM

hi ... sya hamizan bekas pelajar smk serian ingin memberi tahu bahawa pihak sekolah membuat bacaan yassin setiap mlm ...

Exstudentsmkserian said... @ March 14, 2016 at 12:06 AM

Kejadian ini benar2 berlaku.kebanyakan kawan2 saya yg kena.yg pertama sekali rakan sekelas sy dimana dia berada dlm keadaan murung dan pndiam sblm dserang histeria.kemuncaknya apabila kwn sy yg seorang lg bertindak ganas dan kekuatannya yg luar biasa.sesekali dia akan mmbuat gerakan spt menari dan seakan terapung di udara.mngikut dakwaan ustaz yg merawatnya,dia dirasuk bkn hnya seorang,ttp 3org puteri.sbb itu dialah yg bertindak paling rare diantara beberapa pljar lain yg terkena.

Exstudentsmkserian said... @ March 14, 2016 at 12:07 AM

Kejadian ini benar2 berlaku.kebanyakan kawan2 saya yg kena.yg pertama sekali rakan sekelas sy dimana dia berada dlm keadaan murung dan pndiam sblm dserang histeria.kemuncaknya apabila kwn sy yg seorang lg bertindak ganas dan kekuatannya yg luar biasa.sesekali dia akan mmbuat gerakan spt menari dan seakan terapung di udara.mngikut dakwaan ustaz yg merawatnya,dia dirasuk bkn hnya seorang,ttp 3org puteri.sbb itu dialah yg bertindak paling rare diantara beberapa pljar lain yg terkena.

Wan Zarith Zulfiqar said... @ July 28, 2017 at 2:11 AM

Aku masih ingat waktu Form 1 Tahun 2010. Tahun pertama berada di Sekolah Menengah penuh dengan peristiwa yang mengejutkan, yang sebelum tu takpernah pun aku jumpa. Sampailah suatu hari, sebab kitorang Form 1 - Form 3 sesi petang, rehat pukul 3:10 seingat aku. Lepas rehat, masa ke 4 atau 5 macam tu kitorang di Blok D terdengar jeritan dari Blok B (Blok budak Form 2) dan tengok seorang budak perempuan diangkat oleh beberapa orang guru dan pelajar menuju ke surau, lalu depan kelas pulak tu. Selang beberapa minit, terdapat beberapa orang pelajar lagi dibawa ke surau. Kitorang dalam kelas waktu tu pon rasa macam tak sedap hati jugak sehinggalah keadaan bertukar menjadi semakin tidak terkawal. Dalam masa tidak sampai 1 jam dari kejadian pertama tadi, tiba-tiba loceng dibunyikan dengan panjang dan seorang cikgu memberitahu bahawa semua murid dibenarkan pulang serta-merta untuk mengelakkan keadaan bertambah buruk. Aku dengan kawan aku sempat jugak mengintai keadaan di surau waktu tu memang lain macam la kalau korang tengok waktu tu. Lepas je kitorang keluar gate sekolah cuaca jadi macam nak ribut tapi tak heavy then hujan turun. Macam movie pulak scene waktu tu. Susah nak cakap. Semoga bekas tempat aku menimba ilmu ni terus aman sejahtera & maju di masa hadapan. Itu saja doa & harapan dari aku.

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